Job Search respectively Fact Finding Interview

It is summer, in one year I will have my Master degree, but what then? It is time getting seriuous about my future. It is time to do fact finding interviews!

Somehow i think more in English than in German so it is weird to write and communicate in German – my mother tongue.
I have never done something like fact finding interviews but now, I realise it is time to do exactly that! How nervous I am! Not only nervous but also excited and a bit sad I have not done this before! I have lost a lot of time! But as we all know: it is never too late! So, this is why I start today: I not only will try to do this in Switzerland but also in UK, Ireland, Sweden and Danemark.

What jobs I am interested in? Journalism, PR incl. Spokesperson and Human Resources. I think I would like best to start as PR, then moving up there and finally pursue EMBA studies and after this why not somewhen create a company?


Is Zurich only for tough people?

Today I have met a friend of mine. She thought Zurich was not for me because Zurich is only for tough people. I wish to remark two things: 1. This means I am not though, but what means tough? Maybe I am not the most sportive person, but I can be tough in other aspects of life, 2. Zurich is not only for tough people. Zurich provides so much more than the hectic banking jobs, there are also teachers, artists, journalists and so on.

So, never take someone’s word too much to heart before you have reflected upon it!